Tuesday, 19 February 2013

First Football Match in No.3 Red Carriers

On February 10, 2013, Milan Pique Mebarak was going to see first football match with his mother Shakira, Barcelona Vs Getafe Match. Luckily, his father Gerard Pique’s professional football club Barcelona team won and scored 6-1. Getafe CF is a football club based in Getafe.

Look at this picture, 3-week-old Milan was in luxury box, also known as a private box. Shakira was taking his son in red baby carrier as well as lucky No.3 printed on front side. Below is match statistics.

FC BARCELONA Vs GETAFE: Data and lineups provided by Opta Sports

from penalty 0 0
off target 5 3
on target 9 1
to post 1 0
FOULS 13 9
yellow 1 2
double 0 0
reds 0 0
POSSESSION (%) 73 27

Twitter update:

Milan Pique Mebarak Match

Milan Pique Mebarak Nursery

Milan Pique Mebarak blue jackets

Milan Pique Mebarak feb 10

Milan Pique Mebarak baby carrier
Credit: pic.twitter.com/Vu5qDylN

Milan Pique Mebarak outside

Milan Pique Mebarak february 10

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Faces Don't Lie! Shakira & Gerard Baby First Picture

Faces Don't Lie! Hip hop dancer + singer Shakira Mebarak and 26-year-old soccer player Gerard Pique baby first picture uploaded on the UNICEF site, also twitted by Shakira. Since last 1 week, 25 million Twitter followers (of both accounts) were waiting to see the first picture.

FC Barcelona member and 2-week-old baby Milan Pique Mebarak was sleeping peacefully in the father’s hands. Gerard kisses affectionately on the baby cheek and at that moment there would be such a beautiful ambience. Now you tell me that Milan looks like, mother or father?

The charity fund collected via UNICEF baby shower donation event will be given to the needy children that are deprived from basic necessities. The first photo of Milan feet with Nike sneakers was published on WhoSay webpage by Gerard. Below picture of Milan Pique Mebarak was retweets by over 22,000 Twitter followers and over 13,000 followers make them favorites in 2 days. (Photo Credit: UNICEF).

Shakira and Pique baby

Greeting Messages & Pictures on Twitter

Fans are very excited to see the face of new born baby of singer Shakira and football player Gerard Pique. They used their Twitter account to make fans happy.

In addition, she was also updated shakira.com webpage, an official website of her. Below are some tweets that were twitted after baby boy Milan Pique Mebarak birth. The meanings of the name Milan in different language are below.

Slavic language: Beloved, Loving
Ancient Roman: Eager, Laborious
Sanskrit: Unification

Barbara Berlusconi was showing Barca jersey to everyone on twitter, twitted by user barcastuff. Barbara is a director of Lombardy based Italian football club Associazione Calcio Milan. She is daughter of club title-holder Silvio Berlusconi.
@ Twitter.com/barcastuff/status/295305082499657728

Barbara Berlusconi

One of Barcelona club member Jordi CardonerCasaus was took photo with Gerard, holding new Barca shirt and wished parents, grandparents and great-grandparents.
@ Twitter.com/jordicardoner/status/294148586722185219/

Milan Barca jersey

Father showing Milan's feet with Nike baby shoes.
@ Twitter.com/3gerardpique/status/294225417659875329

Milan Pique Mebarak shoes

Another picture, man showing new Barca jersey

Friday, 1 February 2013

Out of the Hospital, Going Home with Parents

As you can see in pictures, a new born baby boy, named Milan Pique Mebarak, was going home first time with mother Shakira and father Gerard Pique. Baby was delivered by cesarean section and allowed to go home after 5 days.

In the afternoon they came out of the hospital, parents sitting on the back seat. There was a special never before observed glow on his/her face, perhaps it because of becoming the happy father/mother. Seems more media was not called due to avoid congestion outside.

Date: January 27, 2013
Venue: Teknon Clinic, Barcelona, Spain

Milan Pique outside hospital

Milan Mebarak

She wore wooly hat on her head and covered body with block coat, while boyfriend Gerard was shown in a checked shirt. You can clearly see that the baby is not in the car, perhaps, under the care of nurses. The second reason could be behind this. The child was also transported to new home by a different pathway to save from media photography. It's just a thought.

Milan Pique Mebarak

Milan Pique in car

Shakira outside hospital

Shakira outside clinic

Shakira's father Nidia Ripoll and mother William Mubarak were also located on-site. Nidia told the media, 'Shakira become very emotional and the tears flowed'. Next day, parents of Gerard, Joan and Montserrat Pique, also visited hospital to see Milan. Picture courtesy: PacificCoastNewsOnline, FameFlynet Pictures Goo.gl/Zy7Dj.

Milan pique mebarak Grandparent