Sunday, 28 July 2013

Shakira Baby Enjoy First Father's Day

Colombian 36-year-old singer Shakira and his partner Gerard Pique were involved in the celebration of Milan's first Father's Day on June 16. She had release a second Family photo on her Facebook profile. She wrote 'Happy Father's Day!! We love you! Your family.' Milan was looking so gorgeous with his chubby cheeks.

The first family photo which was twitted when Team Barcelona won the match and it was released on 12 March, 2013, you can search on this blog.

Milan's First Father's Day

Friday, 12 July 2013

Attend Football Practice Session of Gerard

Last month Shakira and Milan Pique Mebarak were in Miami to see practice session of father's next soccer match. Shakira and her brother Tonino took visit of Baptist Medical Center before arrived at Miami hotel.

Shakira grasped a soccer toy ball tightly, which was bought from Bel Bambini a Baby Boutique. She was set blonde hair and wore white newsboy cap, black halter top and high heel sandals. While her beau Gerard wore blue colored Adidas soccer pants, red t-shirt and black Nike cap. Image source:

Shakira Miami hotel

Milan Pique Toys

BTW, look at soccer boy Milan wearing red-striped t-shirt, baby jean shorts (may be Denim), red sneaker socks. He is adorable in this look. Look like he's going to play match instead of father.

Milan Pique Toy ball

Milan Pique ball

Milan Pique Miami

Gerard Miami hotel

Milan Pique Miami hotel

Gerard Pique Miami hotel

Gerard and Milan Miami

Milan and Gerard Miami

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Name was Chosen by Gerard Pique

A few days ago, new picture was published by fan of 36-year-old singer Shakira and his baby son Milan Pique Mebarak. She was smiling in front of camera as she was very very happy.

Milan was in his hand and resting, looking at the other people. You should know that children do not think but just observing. This is the difference between our and kids. According to the new source, Shakira says that his partner Gerard Pique chose the name of baby.

Shakira and Milan

Shakira family picture

Saturday, 6 July 2013

First Toys Shopping Trip with Shakira

Shakira and her son Milan Pique Mebarak came out in West Hollywood for toys shopping to raise nervous activity levels. See shopping photos.

The Voice judge Shakira and her son came out in West Hollywood, which is in California, Los Angeles state. Probably it was the first shopping trip after Shakira's baby weight loss.

[Click to enlarge]
Milan Pique toys
Milan toys

Bel Bambini is well-known and high end baby boutique located at 464, N Robertson Blvd Street. See these photos, mother hold her baby boy, Milan Pique Mebarak, gently and protectively. Store insider said that when boy started to cry, singer sang soothing song.

According to Us Weekly, 36-year-old mother bought plastic bottles, adorable hooded towels and paper balls. She also twitted, 'Milan toys, plastic bottles and paper balls, a way to make sounds and textures to explore!' When the baby was going inside, he wore other garments. But after he was in Versace baby shorts and Trumpette socks. To raise nervous activity levels, Shakira also made some toys at home.

Milan Pique Shopping

Milan Shopping

Shakira Bel Bambini

Milan Bel Bambini

Shakira baby shopping

Shakira N Robertson Blvd

Shakira kissing son

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Family at Cesc Fabregas Birthday Party

A few days ago FC Barcelona paler celebrated his 26th birthday with Milan, Shakira Mebarak and Gerard Pique. Below are some pictures of them when they were going to celebrate birthday party. Night time, so the pictures not showing look fine.

Baby boy Milan is resting in his stroller and father Gerard was running it. He wore white t-shirt and black pant while Colombian star Shakira wore knee high boots, black blazer and similar coloured shorts.

Shakira Cesc Fabregas

Cesc Fabregas Birthday

Gerard Cesc Fabregas

Cesc Fabregas Birthday Party

Milan Pique Birthday Party

Monday, 27 May 2013

Spotted at Airport with Shakira in New Overalls

Once again in the news! His face is hard to see completely. Yet we have seen two or three pictures, which appeared full face. Those pictures had published on Twitter and Facebook.

Today's picture is too depressing and it also looks half face. Look at below picture taken on April 24. Mother was laughing and son Milan Pique Mebarak resting in her arms. The child's fingers are small and cute. Image:

Milan Pique Overalls

Milan Pique wore blue colored overalls. Also see the second picture, her father Gerard was expressing love with kissing baby's cheeks. By looking at the behind, it seems they were at the airport and sources said that Shakira and her son coming to Barcelona.

Milan Pique fingers

Gerard kiss Milan

Friday, 24 May 2013

4-Month-Old Picture Revealed

His 4-month-old picture was revealed on Twitter profile of Shakira. Baby of Shakira and Gerard Pique, Milan, is looking absolutely beautiful in this picture. He has short hair on the head and inquisitively seeing in from of the camera.

A fan of Shakira Anna Kaiser, who is lives in NYC and founder of AKT INMOTION, replied that 'I want to pinch those cheeks!' As of May 24, More than 2100 Twitter followers shared and 3000 make favorite. While, over 700,000 Facebook followers liked, received 50,000 comments and 17,000 shared it.

She tweeted,
'I swore I would never do this and now I am one of those annoying moms showing pics of her baby!' @

Milan Pique 4 month old

Friday, 17 May 2013

Gerard Pique drops off Shakira at Barcelona Airport

Three weeks before the singer Shakira and her beau Gerard Pique was spotted at the airport with his son Milan Pique Mebarak. Father's concept of keeping child safe from cold spring weather is fine, you will know immediately after seen below pictures.

Gerard embraced her child carefully while drops off Shakira at the Barcelona Airport, Spain, it was a Monday and afternoon time. One of his Facebook follower leaved comment, 'They are a beautiful family! And how cute is the baby. You can't even see his little body! How cute!!!'

Pop Singer Shakira wore dark coloured skinny jeans, a leather jacket with hat as well as high-heel booties were taking sight. Her beau was not less than other. He wore blue jeans and a comfy pullover. Actually, Gerard was arrived at the Barcelona airport for Baby Milan and partner Shakira for a departing flight. Image:

Gerard Pique Barcelona Airport

Milan Pique Barcelona Airport

Milan Pique Mebarak Airport

Milan Pique Mebarak Barcelona Airport

Shakira Airport

Friday, 10 May 2013

New 5th Judge in The Voice TV Show

On April 11, mother and his son Milan Pique Mebarak cheered the set of NBC reality singing competition show The Voice, in Los Angeles. It's red judging chair and Shakira was trying to help his baby to press performance button.

Shakira wore full length sleeves golden coloured Sequin Blazer and gold-tone metal long ring in his middle finger.

She was twitted two photos on Thursday.

1) "Clearly Milan's intrigued by this performance @NBCTheVoice #5thCoach."
Social Networking report (as of May 10, 2013):
1,541 Retweets and 1,953 Favorites
1,096,703 Likes and 39,970 people shared photo. Image:

Milan as The Voice Judge

2) "Uh oh, I don't think he liked that performance! @NBCTheVoice #5thCoach."
Social Networking information (as of May 10, 2013):
3,328 Retweets and 3,328 favorites
485,111 Likes and 14,626 people shared it. Image:

Milan Pique The Voice

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Shakira with his Son in Los Angeles, CA

Two week ago, Shakira and his son Milan Pique Mebarak were seen together in Los Angeles, which is second most populous city in US. Both visited a salon in LA.

It is clearly visible that how mother loves his son. There is also a matter of listening that she and Gerard Pique will be getting married next month. Or it could be a rumor. Image:

Shakira in Los Angeles

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Waiting on Father's Lap at Passport Office

Baby is resting on the lap of his father. Another photo of Milan Pique Mebarak was published at Barcelona passport office by mother Shakira. His son is now 3-month-old but this photo was taken on Friday, April 5, 2013.

As you can see this latest snap, baby is not alone but father Gerard Pique was also present and waiting for Milan's new passport. Milan was keep watching camera while Gerard keeps his two hands on his adorable son. So he can ready to live celebrity jet- lifestyle.

Daddy and son waiting for Milan's passport! - Shakira wrote below the twitted photo. Actually, it was posted first time in her Instagram profile. Baby wore blue checked shirt and navy trousers. As of April 20, more than 2200 Twitter users retweets and almost 1800 make favorites. Over 33,000 Facebook users shared on their wall and received more than 750,000 likes.

Milan Pique Mebarak Passport

Shakira and Gerard were ready to go home after getting the passport of Milan Pique Mebarak in Barcelona.

Gerard Pique Passport

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Got New Luxurious 'My First Car' Bugaboo Stroller

Milan Pique Mebarak got new luxury vehicle 'My First Car' instead of old Stroller and it is the brand of choice - Bugaboo Strollers. Check out this product on its official page.

'My First Car' stroller is a result of Bugaboo and Viktor & Rolf partnership, priced at $1,775 (£1,250). V&R is a well-known fashion house since 1993. Sure, it will be the gift of mother Shakira and father Gerard. (Image source: Both baby and mother were having breakfast with Gerard Pique family in Barcelona.

My First Car Bugaboo Stroller

Stroller of Milan Pique

Shakira Strolling

Milan Pique Stroller

Milan Pique Mebarak Stroller

Bugaboo Stroller

My First Car Bugaboo

My First Car Stroller

'My First Car' Official Stroller Video